El Nuevo Frutilandia
California Flavor Town

Episode International Appeal on season 24 of Diners, Drive-ins & Dives
Puerto Rican

Dating back to the fun year of 1974 which some of us remember better than others, this little pit stop opened up their doors and have been setting the record straight every since. It's some of the best comfort food to come out of the great Cuban and Puerto Rican cultures. It's run by a family which is committed to quality, service and making sure every customer is satisfied. Tyrisha and Rafael are the power couple that puts their hearts and souls in to this place and it's very much appreciated by all of us who visit. Bring friends and family as it's a feast for all!

Address Info
3077 24th St
San Francisco, CA 94110 USA

(415) 648-2958

El Nuevo Frutilandia

Hungry yet? What should you eat? Check out their most popular meals and drinks!

Guava Sangria at El Nuevo Frutilandia
Guava Sangria

Mojo De Ajo at El Nuevo Frutilandia
Mojo De Ajo

Tres Leches at El Nuevo Frutilandia
Tres Leches

Empanadas at El Nuevo Frutilandia

Mofongo at El Nuevo Frutilandia

Yucca Fries at El Nuevo Frutilandia
Yucca Fries